What to look for in a Remote Support Software Company?

What to look for in a Remote Support Software Company?

How many times have you search the keywords “Remote Support” and the search engine returned a list of our competitors that made you come to the following conclusion: “Everything looks the same”.
Everyone has remote support for all kinds of technical problems; they all monitor any computer, server or web, 24/7…

So, how do you make a decision?

Search for solutions that recognize your unique work strategies, look for simplicity in the product’s demonstrations; know that they will accompany your account passionately, showing willingness to help you and clear out any doubts that may arise – someone who is ready to walk in your shoes. Make sure that you get the best remote support solution that works within your service and price range, according to the best quality/price correlation.

Well, yes…That’s how you need to be to work for BeAnywhere: we strive to deliver a product as robust as possible, capable of satisfying every request, but keeping in mind each individual price range. We resource to demos to prove our product’s value and close the sale, since that is the most honest and uncheating way of showing what we are capable of. I’m sure that if you try it for yourself you’ll know what I’m talking about… But what is it that really matters? What matters is that we all give something special and unique to our work area.

Our rational being is left behind right away, in the first call or e-mail. The “sale, the “prospect” are given a name, a voice, an opinion, that trigger a professional connection rather unique. And that’s where the difference lies: in the emotion that we put into our work daily, in the attention we give to each one of our clients. And in the invitations fortapas in Alicante, fish and chips in Leicester or even enchiladas in Tijuana, that give us confidence and teaches us the importance of being captivating professionals, that are proud to represent their company in anywhere of the world.

And that is what makes BeAnywhere an IT Company with unique solutions, built specifically to each company’s needs and to their unique work methods.

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