What option favors your profile?

What option favors your profile?

Through the Admin area, in the Profile section, it is possible to change several configuration options associated to the profile of the company.
To begin with, in the Identification tab, under Profile, you can start by defining biographical details about the company and add the company logo to improve brand awareness. You can also define the expiration date of your calling cards, add a calling card prefix and set the desired username and password. You can also change it whenever you need. If desired, you can also limit the access to both the Admin Area and the Tech Console by only authorizing specific IP addresses.

Below, in the Email templates tab, you can customize your email templates. This is a feature that allows saving a lot of time that can later be used providing remote support sessions to customers.

The Applet Setup tab, is where it is possible to customize the settings and appearance of the Applet itself, such as name and logo, setup your own Terms of Service, define the Initial form that customers see before they submit their support request and choose which messages you want your customers to see while the support request is being sent.

Last, but not least, in the Integration tab, you will have the chance to offer your customers a more seamless experience. You can integrate a support request button in any of your websites by copying the code presented at the center of the screen and paste it on the code of your own web pages. If desired, the appearance of the button can be changed to your taste. You can also Start APIS to help you to generate new support sessions without having to use the console and define an exclusive link from where your customers can immediately start a session with a technician. BeAnywhere Support Express Proxy even allows you to provide remote support sessions to computers without an Internet connection by installing a Proxy Server.

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