What is the importance of reports?

What is the importance of reports?

Security is the main worry for remote support tools’ users. However, for an IT manager it’s mandatory to ensure the productivity of workforces and improve profits.
Reports can be a great help when it comes to control all business monitoring needs. The judgment will be better when in possession of the key metrics that show the capacities and performance of the technicians and, at the same time, provide you a measurable insight of the business and all related processes (in order to improve).

Through BeAnywhere Admin Area, IT remote technicians can access this feature and enjoy a variety of possibilities. It’s even possible to micro manage every single technician: check how many remote support sessions he has finished successfully, the time spent in each one and the average time for all sessions.

Additionally, thinking about final customers, each and every action performed by a technician during a support session is recorded and documented. Clients have the assurance that any action can be confirmed or evaluated at any time. It’s also an important guarantee that private data will not be violated at any instant.

In a nutshell: Reports provide the chance to record any sessions and analyzed the performance of technicians for statistical purposes (through a graph of columns, rows or pie form). Knowledge is power.

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