Welcome to the homepage

Welcome to the homepage

The BeAnywhere Admin Area homepage presents its users some important information about their accounts. It is not only a starting point to a powerful managing interface, but also a snapshot of all the business workflow.
The BeAnywhere Admin Area homepage presents its users some important information about their accounts. Right there, at the top bar, one can see data concerning the active account, like the respective expiration date or a full list of all the remote computers and IT Support technicians, whether they are online or offline. At the center, on the left, managers are able to check for customer messages regarding missed remote support sessions. Please note that it is also possible to list missed remote desktop sessions, even if customers have not left any message. To do so, just use the search button.

Still at the center, on the left, remote desktop users can upgrade their subscription if they ever feel the need to do so. The subscriptions available are Lite, Business, Corporate and also a Pay As You Go option, where the customer only pays for sessions made. It is also presented the number of credits that the user has. At the center, on the right, users have access to the Insert Activation Code option, where it is possible to enter the Activation Code that will produce an immediate update of the account, if and when necessary. Just below the Insert Activation Code option, it is possible to access the Assistant through the Start Wizard option, which will help the Administrator in the process of setting up some basic aspects of the account.

At the center, it is possible to view graphic charts that represent the evolution of the remote desktop sessions provided by IT Support technicians on any given period. Simply choose a specific time period and set up the starting and ending dates. There are many options available, such as Daily Sessions, Time in Session, Operating Systems or Sessions per Schedule. In addition, BeAnywhere also allows users to view graphic charts related to Customers, such as how many sessions were made per customer, the time spent in each remote support session and the geographical distribution. Last but not least, one can also check graphics related to Technicians, like, for instance, how many remote support sessions they provided and how much time they have spent.

To finish, at the center, on the right, BeAnywhere offers remote support clients the chance to unlock all of the service features, with unlimited simultaneous IT Support technicians during 10 hours, through the Panic Button. This option is intended to be used in case of an emergency.

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