Watch Recorded Sessions

Watch Recorded Sessions

Sometimes we need to record support sessions for future use. In the Administration Area you can see all the information and watch all the recorded sessions.

1 – In the Administration Area, go to Reports > Session History.

2 – Select one of the recorded sessions. It will open a new session page.

3 – Now click on the “Video” tab.

4 – To watch a session you just need to click on the video preview.

5 – The recording visualizer will appear. It has all the controls that you need.

6 – You can also save the video to watch it later. Press SAVE.

7 – Press OK and the video will be saved.

8 – If you want you can also share the video so others can watch it. Press “Share”, choose the expiration date as well as the number of maximum views. Then press “Generate Link”.

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