Warning: No Proofreading has been done

Warning: No Proofreading has been done

When unveiling to the outside world, a brand must completely strip itself from all proverbial sentences and catchphrases – precisely for that: no brand should cover itself in a big cliche cloth; instead, it should fully reveal itself with no embarrassment, proudly owning the distinctive shapes that make it unique.
That said, I will now proceed to disrespect the good Marketer’s Guide by willingly disregard this one basic communication rule: “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”. The well-known expression is attributed to Einstein. The German physicist surely wasn’t thinking about marketing content when he came up with it; but the fact is that the thoughts behind it fit perfectly into general marketing content creation.

That’s why these words won the right to endless repetition, preventing them to fall into oblivion as it happens to the overwhelming majority of everything that is uttered by everyone’s mouths. Now, let’s focus on what I’m doing: I’m expressing (or trying to) an idea through a written text. And the main idea is: talent or – inspiration – matters, but discipline and spunk – or perspiration – matter even more.

Stay and read the practical example:

Content – meaning orthography, sentence structure, text pace – deposited in the above sentences benefited from 99% perspiration (the inspiration might not have been enough to produce sentences worthy of timeless repetition, but let’s agree that it is easier to have our words immortalized after discovering that “E is equal to the square of MC”).

In the other hand, the sentences presented in the paragraph below, despite sharing the same inspiration, were not blessed by the perspiration secreted by hard-work, which means they were written a first time and forever left alone: no proofreading, no editing, no rewriting has followed. Spot a difference?

One of the fundamental rules of producing marketing content is never to use cliches. Companies need to have a self-corporative image and that is why commonplaces harm communication. Still, I can’t avoid the use of such sentences as: “genius is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration”. The author is Einstein and it fits perfectly into this occasion: writing a marketing text. Because, in this specific case, the inspiration is the idea for the text and perspiration everything else that comes with it (write, review and perfect it)

PS: Actually, the coiner of the “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” expression is Thomas Edison. The general knowledge is that it was said by Einstein – which is just another proof of the marketing’s power.

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