Transferring a session

Transferring a session

Probably you know a technician who starts a remote support session with a great confidence to solve the problem and then abruptly realizes that he has no idea how to solve it. If you recognize this scenario, don’t worry.
BeAnywhere allows you to transfer a session to another technician or department, if things start getting difficult. There are three different ways to do it: prior to the creation of a new PIN Code (1); just before the acceptance of a support request (2); during a support session (3).

1 – Prior to the creation of a new PIN Code

In the console’s homepage, the technician just needs to click in the Show Advanced Options button (bottom right). Then, when you click in the Change option (you find it at the bottom of the window) you will redirect the support request to a specific department or technician. When the client inserts the new PIN Code, it will create a support request and be sent directly to the technician/department previously chosen.

2 – Before accepting a support request

Redirected the remote support session to any specific technician/department whenever a problem description seems a bit out of your league (or for some other easier-to-admit reason). The Pending Request tab (located at the top left) displays a roster of computers that are waiting for support. Clicking over any of them will reveal important info, as well as three options: Reject Request, Accept Request and Transfer Request To. The last button will allow you to direct that request to any listed technician/department. You can explain the reason behind the transfer. Hopefully, the client will end in much better hands.

3 – During a Support Session

The technician can also redirect a customer during a remote support session.
In the Chat window’s bottom right the technician can click on Transfer Session button and call for help. It is also possible to add other technicians to a VoIP call with the customer, for full attention and maximum efficiency.

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