To be a Sales Person

To be a Sales Person

When we look at what it means to be a sales person everyone always points out to the definition of “someone who sells something”. As a customer I understand how annoying it can be to have every day someone calling to try to pitch something that most of the times, let’s be honest, none of us really need!

As a sales person myself, I believe being a sales person is far more than the minimalist definition of the guy that calls me every day to try to sell me stuff but doesn’t even know how to say my name or for which company I work for.

Being a Sales Person demands having knowledge, not only of the products or brands that he/she represents but of pretty much everything, from major news in the market like the deal between Microsoft and Nokia to the average price that IT companies in Mumbai charge for remote support per hour or even who won the football match yesterday.

Being a sales person requires that we understand the needs of our customers, it involves reaching out to help them in their work instead of just to sell products. All this can be tricky but it’s far more rewarding at the end of the month when our sales goals are reached, the customers are happy and during the process we go home to celebrate a job well done.

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