The Window where it all starts

The Window where it all starts

The console homepage offers any technician multiple options, all of them built to offer a more seamless experience to all users. In both machines, remote and local, BeAnywhere strives to provide the most efficient, reliable and secure connection and assistance tool.
In the initial window of the IT Support technicians console it is possible to access the request details provided by the customer, in case the client chooses to do so. These details are editable, a very useful feature to use in possible future sessions, enabling the technician to save some time when answering a call from that same machine.

Once a support request is sent to the customer, the IT Support technician has three options available, all at a distance of a click. It is possible to immediately accept the remote support request, reject it or even transfer it to a different technician. This last option, in conjunction with the request details, enables a very efficient management of the resources of the company, easily pointing each request to the most appropriate technician.

At the top of the session window, several options are also available. For instance, it is possible to use the Admin Area link, the Chat link or the Options link. Through the Options link, the technician will be able to set up an array of simple settings, such as play a sound whenever a new request arrives, start BeAnywhere automatically when windows initiates, change the existing password, set up proxy settings or get direct access to the log folder. It is important to mention that the client also has the ability to access the log file through the applet. The Admin Area link, naturally, will direct the technician to the Administration Area, a web-based back office through which BeAnywhere solution can be managed and completely edited. The Chat link purpose is also obvious.

To easily identify any current remote desktop session, one only needs to right click over any tab placed on the bottom of the viewer. This is particularly helpful when providing multiple sessions to customers simultaneously. The session data will be copied to the clipboard.

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