The Special Agent of your computer

The Special Agent of your computer

Manage with ease the list of computers where BASE Agent is installed. Through the Admin Area a support remote administrator can access the entire list of computers and run the necessary definitions and hierarchy.
Through the Admin Area, when accessing My Computers in the Management tab, BeAnywhere grants the remote support managers full access to a list of computers where BeAnywhere is installed as a Windows Service, for unattended remote desktop access. Managers have the ability to use groups to organize computers, specify which IT Support technicians have access to each computer group and to edit each computers settings.

By selecting any of the computers presented, there are three options available such as the Computer Name text entry field that will allow to rename the computer, the Remote user can start a support request option, which will enable the customer to send a remote support request and the Remote user can create a deferred support ticket option that allows to initiate a deferred remote support session directly from the customers computer.

In case remote desktop managers want to restart the BASE Agent software, it is possible through the Restart Service button. The restart takes place the next time the BASE Agent connects to BeAnywhere servers, which can take up to five minutes. Thanks to the Sessions button, IT Support technicians can easily list the performed remote support sessions related to a particular computer.

Instead of simply applying changes to a particular computer, BeAnywhere allows remote desktop managers to apply changes to all computers included in the selected group, using the Apply changes to all computers in the group option. This is also available to subgroups included in the main group.

The Delete button activates two options. The Delete group and move content to parent group option that will delete the existence of a particular group, but it will not delete the computers that are incorporated, since computers will be moved to a parent group or to the root in the event that there are not any groups left. The Delete group and uninstall all computers in group option will not only remove the selected group, but it will also delete all of the included computers, disabling the possibility to provide unattended access to them.


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