The Sales Cycle in 3 Simple Steps

The Sales Cycle in 3 Simple Steps

The bread and butter of an ordinary sales man comes down to just one thing: Goals. They are as much desired as they are feared, keeping sales men on top of their game.
Nonetheless, the alchemist formula for the perfect sales Master demands certain ingredients to be added to the mix, without which it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the oh so precious Goal. To turn a scrappy metal into money making Gold, one must gather these four distinct characteristics: astuteness, determination, focus and organization. Since the first two are inherent to the individual himself and could hardly be taught, in this article I will approach focus and organization as the prime fundamentals of the Sales Person’s work methodology, due to their ability to be taught and perfected in a daily basis.

Focus and Organization – The Sales Person’s Essence
First of all, let’s start by the so called prospection process, which can be divided into two main stages: data-mining and qualification. The first stage matches the beginning of the Sales Cycle; it is the starting point, when the sales man takes all the existent information/data – weather resourcing to an existent data base, or researching it for himself – analyzing and processing it, in order to limit strategic targets. These targets correspond to the companies or individuals who qualify to become prospects and, therefore, potential clients. The second stage, identified as qualification, takes place during the first time that these prospects are directly approached, in order to assess their potential interest in the service provided.

Then, the process continues through to presentation, that takes place after confirming the prospect’s interest in the service, leading the sales rep to identity, assess and analyze in which dimension BeAnywhere (in our particular case) can meet his business needs. That is, without a doubt, the most important stage of the deal: if the prospect fails to understand the benefits of the solution, all negotiations are immediately shut down.

Then comes the Demo – demonstration – during which the sales person is given the chance to, in a very practical manner, present its product’s most valuable features; or the prospect can just opt by discovering them on his own, through trial periods and individual testing. Then comes the actual “talk business” stage, and hopefully the closing of the deal. If both parties aren’t satisfied by now it’s probably because “he’s just not that into you”…

This description is, point blank, the essence of a Sales Person’s job. It is, mostly, complex and boring, but nonetheless, gratifying, especially if the sales person finds within himself those four gold making ingredients. At the end, closing the deal is that last alchemist ingredient, but the process along was worth it.

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