The power of the Wizard

The power of the Wizard

BeAnywhere’s Admin Area offers a ton of different functionalities and options. It’s a world of possibilities and we offer you an helping wizard to guide you through it.
When first visiting the Admin Area you will be welcomed by a Wizard. Not a real one. This feature has the responsibility to help guide you through the Admin Area basic settings (don’t worry, you can access the Wizard window at anytime – just click over the link located on the right side of the Admin Area homepage).

Through the Wizard you’ll be able to customize your Profile basic settings, like your professional identification. Next, the Initial Form, which allows you to personalize the window shown to the clients when waiting for assistance – you can place your own logo there, for instance. Through the Exclusive Link option will be able to set a suffix to a link, reinforcing your brand awareness.

Next, just integrate a predefined (but customizable) support button on your own website with a simple click of a button. And, again, with the purpose of strengthening your brand recognition, BeAnywhere allows you to add a prefix to your Calling Cards. You think this a lot of options right here? You haven’t seen anything yet…

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