The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones

Establishing a target audience is exactly the opposite of drawing a target on the back of the people you’re aiming for. Actually, what you do is to erase them. Each one of us is born with a tattooed target; establishing limits for a campaign is like erasing the targets from those who will not be affected by the message you’re firing.
Socially Accepted

Knowing the boundaries of your niche is one of the secrets to successful marketing. That initial erasing process is therefore essential; but, thanks to the development of new technologies, it is also a very simple one. How close the shot gets to its target, for example, is left in the hands of the chosen communication platform. Consider Facebook, the current most relevant social platform out there. It knows how to aim and pull the trigger impeccably. The shot goes straight into the eyes of the audience. At least it should.

Actually it doesn’t go straight; it goes to the right, towards the list of ads stacked on the right side of the screen. And there are these rectangles, exactly alike in form and shape, begging the attention of those who navigate through the sea of food porn pictures with sepia masks, videos of kittens unrolling toilet paper, and moments of instant wisdom: “the mind is like a parachute, it only works if it is open.”

Breed Interest

Facebook’s right screen side is becoming a space where the brain doesn’t allow the eyes to go play. This protective instinct needs to be contradicted by visual persuasion techniques, particularly invoking creativity. We can’t avoid that natural anatomic flaw – eyes connected to the brain – but we can force that connection to take a detour to the heart. To get there we follow the path of emotional communication, avoiding the pitfalls of passion and romance (love stories are rare in the B2B segment, if any). We should aim for affinity, raise empathy for that small rectangle in the right. Make them see that inside there is an experience worth living, worth repeating; or, on the other hand, remember those memories of experiences that should not even be mentioned and guarantee that they will never happen again. Whichever the approach, BeAnywhere must be the antidote.

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