The Butterfly Effect in Word-of-mouth Marketing

The Butterfly Effect in Word-of-mouth Marketing

According to Edward Lorenz’s Chaos Theory, even the slightest, smallest, most (apparently) insignificant event is able to trigger abysmal repercussions on the surrounding environment: like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings traveling to the other side of the World and arriving in a form of a hurricane. When this theoretical conception is passed on to sociology, the small acts of comradery and team spirit are enough to create an individual personal transformation that soon moves on to have a global impact.
Motivation many times feeds from recurrent achievement, but is also originated by the positivism exhaled by fellow co-workers. So it is safe to say that our teamwork and cooperation have been very much responsible for taking BeAnywhere’s Remote Support on to new harbors around the Globe. We all react to the effect created by the butterfly wings, in such a way that our own actions and judgment will continuously feed the growing positivity and friendship, which creates a perfect achievement spiral.

And that’s what is going on inside BeAnywhere’s workforce. Our cooperation, attention, disposition to help, to learn and to share, strengthen BA’s structure in such a way that work flux has indeed a natural and positive influence on sales.

This chain of events is also projected into the technical departments of many other companies that bet on our remote support solution. Our proximity customer care philosophy is another one of the hurricanes that we aimed to purposely create. And that is why I have now the privilege of revealing our newest acquisition: the word-of-mouth, the best marketing campaign ever! Thanks to the small positive actions that we adopt every day, this “word” flaps its wings from “mouth to mouth”, creating a BeAnywhere hurricane.

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