The Advantages of Being a Terrible Salesman

The Advantages of Being a Terrible Salesman

What is a salesman? Why do we think of them as someone annoying?
The answer is simple; we%u2019ve grown tired of them.
I’ll start this text by stating that I’m a terrible salesman.

Approximately a year and a month ago I officially joined the salesmen circle. I closed my first sale in October and my sales manager was actually nice enough to even send me an email stating that I was now the “Brad Pitt of Sales”. At the time I didn’t know what it meant exactly, given that I was already focused on looking for the next sale – just like any other salesman, I was already hooked to the rush of closing a deal.

The rush that we get from a sale is a feeling I’m unable to compare with any other; it is the culmination of all the hard work that has been done over extended periods of time, and everyone likes to see their hard work payoff.

But how exactly does one sell anything?
Do we sell based on the qualities of the product or do we sell based on the relationships that we’ve cultivated with our prospects? Sometimes the product speaks for itself and sales just happen.

When a salesman wants to sell, he knows that the right way to do so is through true relationship-building, in a networking perspective that should benefit both businesses. We adapt to the prospects; they buy our product. First, one must start by doing a lot of research, to best assess the prospects’ wishes and wants – being one step ahead, knowing what to give the client and if he really needs it will save everyone’s time and patience. When stated like this, you may get the impression that salesmen are the business equivalent to a secret agent, running background checks on every company.

I contact prospects not with the intent to sell but determined to get to know them, what they do for a living and, after hearing their story, how our product can help them improve productivity and resources efficiency. When a sale is made I know for a fact that a customer wasn’t charmed by my Brad Pitt smooth talk but because the purchase was actually in his best interest.

I started this post by mentioning how bad of a salesman I am. Well, let me tell you that I intend to keep it that way. I’m not driven by sales, although I enjoy the feeling I get once I lock down a deal. But in order for that feeling to last, I need to know that it was a win-win situation, where the work day at that office will be easier every day and that I will deepen the relationship built with that particular client.

At the end of the day, I would rather be a terrible salesman than the “Brad Pitt of Sales”, any day of the week.

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