Talking your way out of a problem

Talking your way out of a problem

Communication is the best way to solve any technical problem. The biggest part of the process is to understand what is wrong and that is why it is so important to establish a clear communication channel.
While phone calls and emails still remain important communications vehicles in any business, neither of these actually provides the immediate resolution answer that your customers are really asking for. With the chat and VOiP features that BeAnywhere provides to its users, technicians can quickly respond to their customer requests, while performing a remote support session. This means that technicians can provide a real-time conversation, oral and written, whenever they want, without charging extra to its customers or forcing them to download any additional software.

These features will enhance your customer experience and it will clearly have a huge impact on the performance of each technician. For the Tech Center, it is also important to mention that there will be a significant decrease in phone call costs. Each problem will be solved through chat and VOiP, in a swift and free-of-charge process.

BeAnywhere allows users to initiate a chat conversation in different ways. Obviously, it is possible to do it while on a remote support session. Also, BeAnywhere grants users a way to establish a pre session chat, which can be initiated outside a support session, at any time.

If desired, technicians can also chat with other technicians. Multiple technicians can also be invited to the conversation. Helping the client in the most efficient possible way is our goal and can also be yours.

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