Support Express 3.5 available for download!

Support Express 3.5 available for download!

BeAnywhere, the European leading provider of SaaS remote access and remote support solutions, has launched a new version of its cloud remote support solution for Windows: BeAnywhere Support Express v3.5.

BeAnywhere users will be able, from this day on, to enjoy all the new features presented on the new 3.50 BASE. Already available for download, this new iteration is packed with enhancements.

This new version gives technicians the chance to KickOut other techs, to deal with situations when the amount of techs simultaneously logged in exceeds the maximum allowed. Other extraordinary situations, like a virus outbreak, can now be dealt trough a Panic Button %u2013 once pressed, it will be possible, during ten straight hours, to access the BeAnywhere%u2019s entire premium services and benefit from an unlimited number of simultaneous technicians.

The speed of the protocol was also increased, with performance enhancements reflected on the starting of sessions, making BASE 3.5 the fastest ever. Also, a batch of new icons and visual indicators makes BASE 3.50 a lot easier to use.

The BETA version also introduces the Deferred Support Tickets feature %u2013 In computers where the BASE Agent is installed, depending on the permissions configured in the Admin Area, users can request immediate assistance or create a support ticket that will be processed at a later time.

BeAnywhere Support Express v3.5 BETA and v3.5 STABLE are both available for download at the following address:

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