Strategic Management – Go straight to the Point

Strategic Management – Go straight to the Point

Whether you’re looking for establishing a new business, keeping it afloat or trying hard to excel within a specific focus niche, market research will be your most powerful ammo. Find out what you’re up against and if your company can handle all the punches that it will most certainly take.
Competitor Analysis
The first thing you need to do when building a new business our when updating existent products is to acknowledge the competition. Find out how to match your services with other market offers and then aim to domain. Are you, most importantly, distinguishing your company and offering something extra to prospective buyers? Look at Apple and Samsung, for example. The success of The Gold iPhone was perceived by buyers as something new and fresh, but that didn’t keep Samsung from creating a Gold Galaxy S4. It might not have been original, but it sure will keep competition going.

Market Trends
That takes us on to a second topic to which you need to pay close attention to. The best way of finding out what your clients want is to ask them directly. That is why we integrated a “Surveys” feature into our remote support solution. However, when you’re starting off and this question emerges not so much as “How did my clients wants and wishes evolved?” but more as “I need clients, what is it that they want?”, the internet will be your best friend. Social Media has given market researchers a lot to think about. The data is changing more rapidly than what they can analyze and catalogue it, so you need to focus on that gold mine of information.

Cost-benefit analysis
After knowing what product you are launching or which changes you’ll implement, according to the existing demand, make sure that it will be worth your time and money.

Needless to say, when working with BeAnywhere, our expert team does that work for you. Since we work on a B2B segment, the synergy between ours and our clients’ success is almost palpable. When having access to free remote access software updates – conceived through extensive market research -, you’ll be cutting market research and software replacement costs.

And since your feedback is the most important step in this process, please feel free to ask us anything you wish or just give us your input through our Facebook Page!

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