Setting it up as you wish

Setting it up as you wish

The Admin Area is there for you to manage your account and workforce, adjusting BeAnywhere solutions to your company philosophy and market singularities. Wherever you maybe, a computer connected to the internet is all you need to access your Admin Area and take care of business.
Through the BeAnywhere Admin Area, IT Support technicians are able to customize their account, particularly using the Profile section. This tab offers a vast array of possibilities like, for instance, the opportunity to customize the filename used by the generated applets for a better identification.

BeAnywhere consents users to upload an image, eventually the company logo, so it can be presented to customers each time a remote support session is initiated. This option will grant the company a more professional and reliable approach in the remote support customers eyes. If desired, the background color of the area set aside for the Logo can also be edited.

Another important option that can be found in the Profile section is named Terms of Service. Users have the ability to insert their own Terms of Service or use the default predefined document provided by BeAnywhere. These Terms of Service will be presented to remote desktop customers each time the applet starts and, ultimately, require them to be accepted by the customer. Just another way to adjust the BeAnywhere services to your own company philosophy and market singularities.

Each time a customer sends a remote support request, the IT Support technician has the possibility to request the filling up of an Initial Form. Although the filling is never mandatory, the Initial Form will ask the client to identify himself and to submit the technical problem he is having at the moment. BeAnywhere Support Express users can activate or deactivate this Initial Form, can setup the time during which the Initial Form is presented to the remote support customer and can enable the timer to reset on every key press, allowing the client to enter his personal data without having to worry about the time limit.

Other possibility is the customization of the messages showed when a customer sends a remote support request to an IT Support technician. IT Support technicians have the ability to customize these messages. The first message is where it can be defined what will be displayed while the remote support request is being sent. The second one, is where it can be defined the message that is shown while the customer is waiting for an IT Support technician to answer the support request. The third message, is where it can be defined what happens when an IT Support technician does not answer a support request. It is also possible to determine the waiting time limits and if customers can themselves leave a message. Last but not least, it is also possible to define the message shown to a customer when the IT Support technician takes too long to reply to a chat message. Hopefully, that will never happen, of course!

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