Set your Master Password

Set your Master Password

Security is one of BeAnywhere’s biggest concerns. As a result, with the objective to improve the global levels of security of all communications and support procedures, clients are able to setup a Master Password on a computer where they have BeAnywhere Agent installed.
This simple possibility diminishes security breaches potential associated with system configurations or with the leak of BeAnywhere credentials. Needless to say, setting up a Master Password is even more recommended on computers with key roles or sensitive information.

You can setup a Master Password in few little steps. It’s very simple. You just need to open the BeAnywhere Agent configuration window on the remote computer and right click on the matching icon. Then choose Restore. If, unluckily, the remote user is not running with Administrator permissions, don’t worry and click on Manage. A message will open, warning the client that the configuration program will have to be restarted with high permissions. In this case you just need to click Yes and a Windows UAC prompt will be displayed and, if the process is concluded acceptably, the program will restart.

Then click on Security. On the new window, BeAnywhere provides the possibility of choosing three different types of authentication for each computer: the first one is None – it will disable the feature and, by default, the computer will be available to all the technicians that can access unattended computers; the second option isBeAnywhere Password – with this option you are free to choose a password with at least 8 characters, including letters, numbers and symbols; the last one is Windows Account – it uses Windows authentication, letting the session to be accredited on the basis of a valid local or domain based Windows account.

As you already know, safety is a constant concern to BeAnywhere. For that reason accounts which already have a profile generated on the local machine will be appropriately authenticated. It’s also possible to allow restricted accounts to login to the server, but if this selection is unrestrained, only local or administrators can login to the machine over BeAnywhere.


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