Same End Result. Different Scenarios.

Same End Result. Different Scenarios.

Working as a Remote support tech is all about being prepared. When working with computers, most probably everything that can go wrong, will. That’s why tech support solutions tend to have features that embody the same purpose, but get executed in different ways.
Just imagine that you receive an alert for a client whose system you are supervising through RMM (Remote Monitoring Management). Then you proceed to make the necessary interventions, before something goes terribly wrong. But the client is currently at work, so remote desktop might not be the best option. It’s inconvenient!

At the same time you can’t just sit and wait around doing nothing (it’ll be much worse when the malfunction reaches a point where your client is unable to do his own job…). That’s what the System Shell is for: do what you have to do and get going. Your client never stopped working and neither did you. After all, time is money! And the solution to the problem stays with you.

Furthermore, have you noticed all the ways available to start one session? From your website, with a link, through a Pin Code, as a Calling Card, as a New Session… Well, we’ll get to each one of them individually further ahead, but they are created to fit you, and by that we mean your customer: form the emergency support session, to the client you’d like to reward with some free support time or even to create promotional material. Different scenarios need different strategies and the more personalized the service feels, the happier the client will be.

At the end of the day, time isn’t money, but clients are!

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