Reports, the memory helpers

Reports, the memory helpers

A single tool that can be useful to all BeAnywhere users. Technicians can check pat diagnoses and interventions. Clients can check what was made on their computers. Managers can keep an eye on the business flow.
For the client receiving the remote support, security can be a major concern. For a helpdesk manager, team performance assessment is vital when conducting the business in the right direction. Reports can be an answer to both those worries. Not the only answer, of course, far from it, but a tool to easily rely on. The always accessible admin area stores this powerful feature, providing administrators the ability to micro manage technicians, find out how many remote support sessions each technician has conducted in a specified time range, the time spent in each session or even the average length of all the sessions provided. In a nutshell, to have perfect control over the business and over the working force.

From the perspective of the client, the assurance that any action is being recorded and is available for later assessment is, in itself, an assurance that his privacy will not be at stake at any moment, even during a remote desktop intervention.

And even for technicians the perks are clear. The access to all details of a particular remote session, of a particular client, can obviously help on future diagnosis. Checking simple data like the name or the IP, for instance, are always welcomed time savers. Finally, it is important to know that all of this data can also be consulted in a graph of Columns, Rows or Pie form, making it easier and faster to comprehend all activity and to make decisions accordingly.

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