Remotely motivated

Remotely motivated

Despite the distance, remote workers can stay connected to other staff members and feel like part of the team. They also can be monitored, like all of their colleagues.
Nowadays, having employees working in different places, sometimes on the other side of the world, does not have to be an issue. On the contrary. A dispersed work team does not necessarily mean that they are disconnected from each other. Technology allows employees, and everyone else for that matter, to stay connected even if they are miles apart. In order to keep employees satisfied, motivated and connected, it is important to take a few measures.

Whenever you hire a new remote employee, make sure that you keep in touch with him so that he does not feel isolated and unmotivated. Think of different ways to keep in touch with him, like having regular web conferences using screen share with other remote employees, for instance, so they can get to know each other and keep in touch. This will give them a sense of working like a team and will facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Like every other staff member, remote employees also need recognition. By approving their work, you will most certainly keep them motivated and encouraged to do better. BeAnywhere is the right tool to have a perfect understanding about the activity of every employee and every remote support session that was held by each technician. So, if your employee does his work well, why not give him the credit he deserves?

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