Remote Support with live Chat and VoIP

Remote Support with live Chat and VoIP

A good communication leads to successful problem solving. For that reason we can highlight the biggest advantages of chat and VoIP during a remote support session.
Thanks to the Chat and VoIP features IT Support technicians can communicate with clients or among themselves in real time, during a remote support session or before. The main objective is obvious: speed up the procedures. But there are other advantages, like receiving feedback from a job (hopefully) well done.

From the technician’s perspective, chat helps diagnose a problematic situation and undertake the most appropriate action; from the client’s perspective, it allows to reduce the downtime, increase productivity and keep up with what the remote technician is doing. In a nutshell: it saves time and money by increasing the productivity of both technicians and customers.

In order to maintain a flowing conversation with the client, the technician doesn’t even need to keep the chat tab opened – the text box will follow the technician’s browsing over the console, placing itself at the left side of any new open window. Regarding the VoIP module, things are even easier: just place your headset and keep on talking while your hands do the job.

These features are very useful, especially before clients with scarce technological skills. An efficient communication channel is inversely proportional to a frustrating session where problems and solutions just don’t find each other’s ways.

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