Remote support vs in-person support

Remote support vs in-person support

Why remote support makes companies and IT Support technicians life happier and easier
The list of remote support advantages starts here and could go on and on. With remote support there will be a decrease in phone call volumes. Most problems will be solved instantly, so customers do not have to call back over and over again to check on their situation. Also, whenever an IT Support technician does not know how to solve a problem on the computer, he does not have to call the customer later with an answer. There is always the possibility to transfer a session to a different technician.

Customer satisfaction will have an instant increase, since technicians will be able to solve their issues quickly and easily with the many features BeAnywhere provides, such as screen sharing, VoIP, chat, file transferring and many more. This will eventually lead to customer retention. Customers will stay with your company longer, since, with remote support, you will be able to deliver an exceptional support experience from start to finish.

BeAnywhere offers the possibility for customers to provide feedback on the support experience using surveys. The feedback obtained, can later be used to reward and recognize IT Support technicians. Using remote tools helps to save money in many different ways. For instance, you will be able to solve issues remotely, there is no need to travel from place to place to fix computers nor having to call customers on the phone.

Last, but obviously not least important, your support team will be more dynamic since there will be shorter resolution times and happier customers.

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