Remote Support Software Integration III

Remote Support Software Integration III

As well as other integrations, API Ticketing uses BeAnywhere webservice, receiving and sending information from the tickets BASE, without the need to use the Console. To use this you only need a key and an Agent.
1 – You can install an Agent in a virtual machine (in the example, Oracle VM – Download). After removing the unique IDS, you can delete the virtual machine, remembering to don’t uninstall the BeAnywhere Agent or the IDS won’t work.
base_integration_en_12 – In the Administration Area, go to Management > My Computers > 1. Computers and press “Export”.

3 – Find the IDS which corresponds to the Agent that you installed in the virtual machine and copy it.

4 – Now that we have all that we need, you just need to choose the way how we%u2019re going to do the ticketing management. In the example, we’ll show you how to use the API, integrated in a website. We’ll receive the parameters needed and when submitting the request, the created ticket will be sent normally, like if you created it from the Console or Agent. For more information about the API, click here:

If you have any question just send us an e-mail to: We’ll wait for you!

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