Remote Support made easy

Remote Support made easy

BeAnywhere’s user-friendliness starts right from the beginning, letting you concentrate on what you’re doing to help a customer, rather than in what to do to help yourself.
Once the console is installed on a computer, all that is needed is to undertake the necessary login procedures. That is it. If one of your computers still needs a BASE installment, please feel free to download the latest support version from our website.

When the Start Screen of the Console appears, those who already have an account only need to enter a valid email address and password and press the Login button. However, if an account is not yet registered, click New Account and undertake the simple registry procedure. An important feature available from the start is presented under the Password box. It is possible to change the language that one wishes to use. The choices, for the time being, are Portuguese, English and Spanish. French is on its way.

Still in the Login page, at the bottom right corner, both remote users and IT Support technicians can follow the Network Status link, which will send them to a different webpage where is presented real time information about the health and load of the network infrastructure that supports BASE. This webpage also measures the connection from the user computer to the main BASE services, which can be extremely valuable to diagnose connection problems.

When one wishes to close BASE, all that is required is to simply click on the X placed at the top right corner of the Console. However, BeAnywhere strongly advises users to keep the console running in the background, since it is the only way to have real time information about incoming remote support session requests. To keep the console running in the background, simply minimize the Console Window. It is possible to restore it at any time, by simply clicking in the BASE icon, placed on the system tray. User friendliness at its best.

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