Remote Support and Remote Log Ins

Remote Support and Remote Log Ins

Remote support/access software essentially saves many companies a significant amount of money on their infrastructure and hardware costs, as just about any machine (no matter how underpowered) can connect to the network from any location in the world. If a business has a large number of mobile workers that are out in the field and who need constant access to the company%u2019s internal resources, having remote access capabilities is a smart idea. Having remote access gives the companies employees flexibility as to when they can work on projects and where they can work on them from.

In order to use a remote support technology, installing a remote login host and client on the computers desired is all one needs to do. As an example, to access ones computer from home that%u2019s at work, you would install a remote access program such as BeAnywhere on the work PC. A client program is then installed on the home-based PC or laptop so that one can login to their work computer any time they need to.

Remote access programs such as BeAnywhere are usually quite secure and fast. The disadvantages are that easy to use web-based programs have a cost associated on the the outset – but they are definitely worth it when you factor in increased efficiency and productivity.

The reasons why many companies set up remote access software for their employees to have secure access to internal company resources is obvious. By allowing their employees to work after company hours whenever they need to, projects get completed faster. It%u2019s also very flexible, allowing most Internet-capable devices such as PDAs, smart phones or tablets to access the VPN you set remotely.

Web-based presentations and teleconferencing is easy to accomplish on the fly with remote workers who can use media and other data from wide varieties of sources. Remote support tools also assist in keeping security and safety in place within Virtual Private Networks, and protect sensitive information and thwart any attempts to infect the companies system with malicious software.

There are number of ways to access files on your host computer%u2019s hard drive and on the LAN network it%u2019s connected to remotely. Remote support tools like BeAnywhere provide secure and encrypted remote logins for remote users. It%u2019s easy to buy and then install from the Internet, where you can choose personal or corporate professional versions depending on your needs.

BeAnywhere offers its clients a free version which one can use lightly or as a free trial so that you can give the remote service a test drive before you buy it. By all means, we invite people to take advantage of this free version and we are confident you will enjoy our products.

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