Remote but Authentic

Remote but Authentic

Let’s say that my input to this blog comes as the conclusion of a cycle, since we are now heading for a second round of posts. If you’ve been reading our recent articles, you know what it has been like: there were a lot of frustrations being poured out, but always with a happy ending and a warmth felt conclusion.
The goal of having everyone share their BeAnywhere experiences, from the inside, is to not only connect as a team, but to connect with our clients, partners and users as well. IT is in its core classified as a “cold” and “harsh” industry, where everything is gray and standardized: cubicles, high walls and one computer for outside communication.

But now, through technology itself, we know how to be productive without losing track of the real world. An office is more productive when people are happier and working in a thought free environment, as a whole. The biggest technology companies have been playing by example in establishing new office trends, showing companies of all sizes that working doesn’t need to be about sacrifice. And who’s laughing now? Productivity, of course.

Why Social Media?

Social Media Platforms is how we transmit our inner company self to the outside world. We all know how social media provides any enterprise the unique chance of communicating directly with customers and other sector companies. That’s where I jump in. Have you ever communicated to a crowd you don’t really know, but with whom you wish to relate? In a nutshell, that’s what Social Media is about. Every day of the week.

All the numbers, all the research info about followers (male, female, over 30, position occupied…) can only take you so far. Those numbers don’t illustrate what someone is about, which interests does he/she have. Given the facts and our goal as a company, the only proper way of communication with such an audience is through Authenticity.

How to be “Company Authentic”?

That was the question we had to ask ourselves; we got to this conclusion: we are the sum of each individual contributor. So, that’s what a customer needs to see, in the most pure and natural way possible. We can only talk by experience – and that’s one of our major assets, experience.

When you read back our BA Labs blog that’s what you’ll get. Not everyone speaks on the same tone, but together we make the authenticity that distinguishes the company.

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