Reaching every machine

Reaching every machine

Even when the remote machine has no internet connection, BeAnywhere offers the possibility to reach it, through a dedicated and completely secure Proxy Server.
BeAnywhere Support Express Proxy Server can be used on different circumstances, such as when the remote machine has no internet connection or when it connects to the internet using an unsupported type of proxy or authentication. That is why it can be such a valuable tool. The Proxy Server must be installed on the remote LAN, on a computer with free access to the Internet, but also on a computer that is not reachable by the BASE Agents and Applets.

If desired, the proxy can be configured to restrict which Agents or Applets are authorized to use it and it can also blind to multiple network adaptors. It is not only fully transparent as it supports every feature on BeAnywhere. It also has flexible configuration, being able to run as an application, with limited privileges, but also as a Windows Service.

BASE Proxy Server supports two types of connections such as Standard and Direct Connect. When choosing the Standard connection, all inbound connections are initiated through BASE gateways. This option is reliable with all the configurations and topologies. However, when choosing the Direct Connection, the BASE gateways are only used in the context of establishing remote support sessions during the initiation process. Afterwards, the connection between the BASE Proxy and the BASE Consoles is made directly. This method is significantly faster since it uses one less hop, diminishing the latency. On the other hand, it is less compatible with more restricted configurations.

If one wishes to start using BASE Proxy, a few steps are required. First of all, one must setup the computer in which the proxy is installed. The second step is to download and install the proxy and configure the proxy interface. Then, it is necessary to view all the installed proxies to look for relevant information kept by the system. Besides the name and description, one can also check its external port, the installed version and the associated IP address. If desired, BeAnywhere allows users to delete a proxy when necessary. The next step is to setup the BASE Agent or Applet. Both are automatically configured, and no manual setup is required in most situations. Nevertheless, in result of connectivity problems or incorrect configuration of the proxy machine impair the automatic setup, some configurations might be necessary.

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