Put your Mouse to Work

Put your Mouse to Work

Changes in the modern corporative thought are transforming companies and the way they perceive work flows, by merging internal organisms that should be complementary, such as management and the actual service providers. The goal here is to extinguish all the friction that may be getting in the way of productivity.
In Remote Support businesses that goal is reached through the combination of business administration options, remote access tools and system monitoring tools. It’s as if they were all appropriately stored in one organized tool box: each one in its own space, but all complementing each other.

Advantages for technicians
Among all the advantages, cutting back on in site calls may be the most obvious one. But what is exactly the practical advantage one can withdraw from that advantage? Less in site calls means less paperwork related to invoice and dislocation aids (that should make your boss smile too), less lunches away from home, effective management of work hours, a big thanks from Mother Nature and hate mail from petrol stations.

Reducing on house call visits also comes down to reducing unproductive work hours. Just replace hours and hours of driving (I’m being optimistic and leaving out public transportation) by 3 clicks of a mouse. So the company will, once again, benefit from technicians that use their time doing the stuff they are been paying to do. And if they’re lucky enough, who knows… There may be even spare time left to challenge the Marketing department for a friendly soccer game (just like it happens here at our Portuguese offices). And please, allow me to take this chance to applaud the technical ability of our marketing department colleagues!

Advantages for Managers
BeAnywhere’s Admin Area is not only a necessary tool, but it is unique in the Remote Support Market. It is a fact, my friends: there are no other remote solutions that supply this kind of options. But you don’t have to take my salesman word for it, try it for yourself.

Establishing granular permissions, session reports and having access to tech activity information are just three of the options that accomplish that fusion effect within business administration and individually supplied technical assistance. Through them, one can create differentiated and limited work groups, each one with different access limitations and permissions to an array of options.

Benefits for the Sales Team
So, the client’s problems are being efficiently dealt with, technicians get to solve them remotely and in a fast way. This generates a general gratifying experience take makes everyone happy and nice to each other. By working with a competent solution, the sales department job will be highly facilitated: both the sales tem and the client can trust the solution they’re dealing with, turning the closing of a deal into a more natural (and frequent) procedure.

Benefits for the Marketing Department
More opportunities to play soccer against the sales department. And Win. And rub it in our faces.

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