Product Update: Support Express

Product Update: Support Express

BeAnywhere Support Express underwent a few seasonal improvements in order to prefect some of the new introduced features acording to the feedback we have already received from the user community.
Keep them coming and stay tuned to BA Labs to see if your recommendations have been applied in this remote support solution by our development team.1. More explicit copy when on queue
Some techs felt like the copy visible to their clients when waiting for a tech to accept a session was indicating the clients that the applet might have crashed. We changed the phrasing to be less prone to errors:


2. Anti-fraud message is now native of the applet
We don’t treat remote access fraud as joke, and neither do our users. Given their experience and daily association to this market, our users have requested for this message to be integrated on the applet (instead of the applet opening a webpage which has confused some clients in the past). It is very important to preserve the integrity of the remote tech support job and keep it reliable to the final-user.


3. Session transfer queues
Up until now, the position in queue was only shown when the request was left unanswered. After that this information would not be displayed again, even if the request was forwarded. We changed this, along with the wording of the message of the session transfer.


4. New Applet and Mac Agents
Both components have been refreshed to 5.97.04. The new versions were completely redesigned in some areas and are now more stable, with an optimized performance both on system resources and speed. Also, we haven’t been able to detect any of the issues previously reported with earlier versions. Be sure to download them as soon as soon as possible:

Mac Applet | Mac Agent

5. New “Session History” field and bug corrections
According to a direct request, we have included a field named “Last Queue” in the Reports tab – Admin Area -, which, as the name implies, displays the last queue occupied by each request. We’ve also corrected a bug that caused inconsistencies on the “Total Time” and “Time in Session” metrics.

6. New “Queues per Department” page
This new Reports page – Admin Area – displays the number of pending requests for each Department. It will refresh each 10 seconds, in order to avoid bottlenecks. It also shows the average time for a request to be answered and the maximum time before an answer. Clicking on each department will list its sessions (similarly to clicking on a tech on the “Pending Sessions” page) and show the possibility of forwarding them to another queue.


7. New sub-setting for showing/hiding request details
Up until now, the request details could only be hidden from certain techs if they haven’t been opened. When a request was opened this setting was no longer applied. We changed this behavior, by adding a new setting that may uphold the restriction (or override it) even if the request was previously accepted by another tech.

If you have any other suggestion you would like to see implemented in your remote access solution, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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