Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding

Did you know that with Support Express you can forward ports to improve the performance and increase the security of the remote connections?

1 – In the remote computer, press the right mouse button in the BeAnywhere Agent icon.


2 – Now press “Restore”.


3 – Now open the padlock if it isn’t already.

4 – Go to “Settings”.


5 – Check the option “Enable TCP port forwarding” and press Apply.


6 – A window will pop up to inform that the changes will have effect in the next connection. Press OK.


7 – During the session, go to the “Advanced” menu and then select “Port Forward”.


8 – Press “NEW”.


9 – Set the Local Port, Remote Host and Remote Port. Press Ok when done.


10 – And that’s it! Now you just need to test the connection.


HINT: You can also set the forwarding in a permanent way, allowing a greater efficiency when you’re connecting to the remote machine. If you have any queries please contact us.

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