Pause Sessions For Late Picking

Pause Sessions For Late Picking

With BeAnywhere Support Express you can pause and resume a session. You also can exit the console and reconnect to the session from another machine.

1 – In the visualizer, press “Session”.


2 – Now select “Pause this Session”.


3 – Press “Yes” to pause the session.


4 – The visualizer will be closed and the session will be paused. You can see it in the “Pending Requests” tab.


5 – Check the exemple on how to turn off the Console. Press the logout icon and then “Yes”.


6 – Enter your login information and press “Login”.


7 – The request will be waiting for you and ready to be resumed. You just need to press “Resume Request” and if you want you can transfer the session to another technician, just pressing “Transfer Request”. If you don’t want to resume it, press “Close Request”.


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