Did you know that with Support Express you can forward ports to improve the performance and increase the security of the remote connections? 1 – In the remote computer, press the right mouse button in the BeAnywhere Agent icon. 2 – Now press “Restore”. 3 – Now open the padlock if it isn’t already. 4 – Go to “Settings”. 5 – Check the option “Enable TCP port forwarding” and press Apply. 6 – A window will pop up to inform that the changes will have effect in the next connection. Press OK. 7 – During the session, go to the “Advanced” menu and then selectRead More →

Learn how to configure the supporting Applet to ask for administration priveligees before the request being sent for the technician. 1 – Go the the Administration menu and select “Applet Setup”. 2 – Click on the arrow to go to the last configuration options. 3 – Now click on 8. Settings. 4 – Enable the selected option so that the Applet ask for administration previlegees when it is executed by the client. In this way, when the session is initiated, the technician will have administration priveligees in the remote machine and you can give support without any restrictions. Save the changes and follow the nextRead More →

After watching several options of the “View” menu, today we’ll learn several options from the menus “Interactions” and “Commands”. 1 – In the session visualizer, press the menu “Commands”. 2 – Here you have available several types of commands that you can use in the remote machine. You can lock the remote mouse and keyboard, lock the operative system and many other options. 3 – Now click in the “Interactions” menu. 4 – You can add a laser pointer to show something in the remote computer, start recording video or take a screenshot. 5 – Now click the menu “Copy / Paste”. 6 – HereRead More →

Support Express is a support software with several options, so that you can have available the necessary tools to resolve any issue. Learn several options that will help you when connecting to a computer with a weak connection signal. 1 – In the session visualizer, select the “View” menu. 2 – Now press “Size”. 3 – You can adapt the size of the remote desktop. 4 – Now we’ll go to the “Color” menu and expand it. 5 – You can choose different color schemes with low quality to improve the connection speed. 6 – Now we’ll go to the menu “Optimize for”. 7 –Read More →

With BeAnywhere Support Express you can pause and resume a session. You also can exit the console and reconnect to the session from another machine. 1 – In the visualizer, press “Session”. 2 – Now select “Pause this Session”. 3 – Press “Yes” to pause the session. 4 – The visualizer will be closed and the session will be paused. You can see it in the “Pending Requests” tab. 5 – Check the exemple on how to turn off the Console. Press the logout icon and then “Yes”. 6 – Enter your login information and press “Login”. 7 – The request will be waiting forRead More →

We all know the excellent tool that Support Express is but did you know you can transfer or share the session with another technician? 1 – In the session visualizer, press “Session”. 2 – Afterwards press “Transfer/Save”. 3 – Now select the technician and press “Transfer To”. 4 – The support request is immediatly available in the Technician Console whom the session was trasferred. 5 – Select the support request and then “Accept Request”. 6 – And it’s done! The session will be initated and you can support your clients.Read More →

Less than two months after the previous release, we bring you new versions of several modules of Support Express! Faster in Windows, with several stability updates and new features in Mac, more apps for Mobile devices including the much requested applet for iPhone/iPad you can find a little of everything this time. ADMIN AREA UPDATED – Added information to session details: On the details of each session it is now possible to see if a request made with an Applet was canceled by the user or replaced by a new request while the session was paused or being transferred. – Mandatory client surveys with moreRead More →

Learn how to install an agent when you don’t have access to the Console and learn the advanced options when you need to generate a support link. 1 – Go to http://www.beanywhere.com/supportexpress/home.php , press “ENTER” and choose “AdminArea”. 2 – Enter your credentials and press LOGIN. 3 – In the top page, press “Computers” as we see on the image. 4 – This is the Agent generic installer, which you can use to install in the remote computer. 5 – Go to the Console and press “Show Advanced Options”. 6 – Before generating the request, you can add the client information and the problem description.Read More →

Support Express is a software very adaptable that allows you to install components in several ways. Today we’ll show you how to generate an MSI installer to distribute the BeAnywhere Agent via Windows Active Directory. 1 – First you’ll need to activate two options in the Admin Area. Press Profile > Agent Configuration. 2 – Activate the two following options and save the changes. 3 – Now go to the Console and press the My Computers tab. 4 – Press “ADD COMPUTER”. 5 – Enter a name, choose the number of machines and press GENERATE LINK. 6 – Now click in EMAIL to launch aRead More →

With BeAnywhere Support Express you can set warnings to be seen when you receive support. You can set an URL to show up when the time is exceeded or when the date is expired. 1 – In the Admin Area, go to Management and select Warnings. 2 – In the Calling Cards tab you can set the conditions which the URL will be seen. Write the URL and SAVE. 3 – The changes have been saved with sucess. You can close the window. 4 – Your client will be informed when the time was exceeded and will see the choosed URL. 5 – On theRead More →