One Windows to Rule Them All

One Windows to Rule Them All

The new version of Microsoft Windows was introduced to the World for the first time last week, as Windows 10. Yes, that is indeed correct: the next version of Windows will be called 10. Not 8.5, 9 or other non-numerical name (like XP or Vista).  This new Windows version is still in its early development stage; however the company has already announced some novelties and orientation goals for what they have named “Reinvented Windows”.
One of the most important characteristics disclosed by the Redmond Company for their next version of this reinvented operating system is the unification of all the hardware platforms supported by Microsoft. Both mobile devices (phones and tablets) with ARM processors, the most powerful x86-64 systems, through to the Xbox One and embedded systems will run the same version (the same code) of Windows.

The obvious advantage (and one of their goals) of this new found reality will be the convergence of app development – the WORA “Write Once Run Anywhere”, coined by Sun Microsystems and now integrated into Oracle.

Another great goal for the new Windows version, openly announced by the heads of this Tech Giant, connects with the desire to simplify the user experience making it as natural as possible for any Windows user, regardless of his/her familiarity with the OS or usage method  (keyboard mouse or touch).

One of the main criticisms pointed out to Windows 8 and its successors (8.1 and 8.1 Update) claims that there is a separation between environments, what originates a usage break when transitioning from Desktop through to touch optimized interfaces (Modern interface or Metro, as some users call it). The new interface, which is still in its initial development stage, has the goal of answering the user dissatisfaction through the creation of a more fluid and unified experience.

At BeAnywhere we too look out for user experience and suggestions made by our clients. We too follow the latest tendencies and developments across all of the platforms that we support, and that is why we will be prepared for receiving Windows 10 when it is launched on 2015.

Until then, Be Safe, BeAnywhere.

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