On How Something Good can Turn on You

On How Something Good can Turn on You

Security is always good. No one can argue against that, right?
Well, the truth is that the veracity of this claim is undeniably tied up with other factors. For example, an animal may be perfectly secure inside a cage, but he is still in locked up in a cage.

Another practical example of the relativity of this claim connects to what has happened in the last few years with a type of malware called ransomware (ransom software). This type of malicious software encrypts the computer disks’ content with a key only known to the kidnappers, forcing the user to pay (generally high amounts of money) to regain access to his/her own information or computer.

The point is that sometimes something as beneficial as encryption which, for example, allows two machines to communicate through the internet (much like what happens in BeAnywhere’s solutions) can have its goals completely subverted when used to “protect” the information from its owner!

This situation recalls me of a cartoon that I saw a few years back, that showed a jail guard standing at the door of a prison, where two people were trying to get in, saying to them: “This is the safest jail in the World! No one gets IN here!”

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