NEW VERSION BeAnywhere Support Express 6.01 BETA

NEW VERSION BeAnywhere Support Express 6.01 BETA

Now with Blazing fast connection speeds and much more…

It’s spring cleaning time, so we’ve cleaned out some bugs in our various product modules and brought you a shiny new version. Consider this as a maintenance release, full of corrections & enhancements, prior to a major summer update to the Windows console. That update will add, among other features, something greatly anticipated by our community: the possibility to install multiple BASE Agents on the same machine (each one for a different Helpdesk Center). Until then, please make the most out of this new version and send us your feedback through any of our channels!


UPDATED Faster connection times: We have streamlined the connection process and added some new optimizations to our infrastructure, dramatically reducing the time needed to start a remote session, which is now on average just 5 seconds (but can be as low as 1.5 seconds in certain P2P and relayed modes).

UPDATED Increased the P2P connectivity: Some changes have been made both to our network as well as to the software, increasing the possibility of successfully establishing P2P connections, even in corporate networks.

NEW Added authentication option to the Agent: It’s now possible, when using the Agent authentication through a Windows account, for users with empty passwords to login. This option is obviously disabled by default and it should be handled carefully, as it can compromise the security of impacted devices.

NEW Disable application shortcuts in Remote Desktop: Some of our shortcuts (e.g. CTRL Space) are also used for popular applications. We added a new option in “Interactions” (footer menu) that disables local keyboard shortcuts when the user is accessing the Remote Desktop tab.

UPDATED Enhancements and bug corrections in Remote Desktop: Corrected a fringe situation in which the remote image refused to appear on the viewer or displayed decoding errors; Fixed a bug that could delay the refresh rate of the remote image when changing the size of the local Viewer window; Corrected the aspect ratio issue that was occurring in a small number of Agents with remote resolutions greater than 2048×1536 pixels.

UPDATED General enhancements and bug corrections: Corrected an inefficiency occurring when moving computers between groups and made several language adjustments.


Launching a BETA Applet for Android
The new Android Applet allows support through chat and command line (which is especially powerful on rooted devices), also enabling file transferring, remote cameras connection, screenshots collection and clipboard synchronization. We are also actively working on a solution to interact with the remote screen in real time, so please stay tuned.


UPDATED Corrected the bug closing a window: In very specific situations, closing a window and exiting a session would close all other session windows.

UPDATED Keyboard issues on Mac to Mac sessions: Solved an issue that was causing “sticky keys” on the remote machine, while in session.

UPDATED General enhancements and bug corrections: Added information to the quick dashboard and improved the System Info tab; Changed the information on the Viewer window header; Made an extensive number of language corrections.

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