New Version! BeAnywhere Support Express 6.00

New Version! BeAnywhere Support Express 6.00

Christmas is coming, and we at BeAnywhere also want to give you a small gift: a new version of Support Express! This is once more the culmination of several months of beta testing with our user community, listening to the feedback from our clients and never giving up when facing seemly impossible tasks. We increased the compatibility and performance in this version, for both Windows and Mac components, and we are pleased to announce that our Mac console has also reached the end of its beta process, and it is now on Version 1. We still have a lot of ground to cover, but, as always, we want to do it with you! Please share your suggestions (and criticism!) with us, we want to hear back from you. We already started to plan the new version release – which will probably happen in January 2015 – but we may still have room to include some improvements you may need. Why don’t you try us?


New! Auto scroll on zoomed screens is now optional
A new option was added to avoid the automatic movement of the scroll bars according with the mouse position when the remote screen area is bigger than the local area.

Updated! Position in queue now works for transfers

Up to now, the position in queue was only shown to the end-user when its request has not been answered. After being answered a first time, even if it was forwarded afterwards, this information was not displayed anymore. We changed this, along with the wording of the message of the session transfer.

Updated! Detection of issues with Applets running in user mode
The Viewer will now detect if a remote Applet running in user mode is trying to interact with an elevated program and will try to avoid this interaction, to prevent the loss of control by the technician (which occurs due to a security provision of the OS). If that occurs nonetheless, the Viewer will give the technician the option to elevate the Applet in order to regain control of the session.

Updated! Correction of small bugs and improvements:
– In some very specific situations, a tech transferring a session could receive the mandatory technician survey (which is not supposed to be sent when a session is transferred). We corrected this.

– We detected one isolated client with a very particular configuration that wasn’t able to search a machine on his console. We fixed this to make sure no one will ever experience it again.

– Some system keys (CTRL, Alt, Shift, etc.) could exhibit a strange behavior during sessions in a small number of situations with Windows 8/8.1. This is now corrected.

-Some text labels have been changed to make the solution more intuitive.
– The anti-fraud warning message for free/trial accounts has been toned down and is now fully integrated on the Applet (instead of opening in a webpage, which has confused some end-users in the past).


We have been regularly updating the console for Mac Computers with new features (some of them minor, like tabbed browsing of sessions, some other a little more significant, like WOL), but this new version brings some major features to put it more on par with the Windows console:

New! File Transfer functionality
This module is now working, in a fashion very similar to its Windows counterpart. It supports pause and resume of each file in the queue, renames, move of files, set of attributes, etc. It also includes drag and drop to the remote Desktop and to the Documents’ remote folder.

New! Full Screen
The Mac console now behaves like the Windows version: you can work on full screen and without the header/footer.

New! Start in Tab
Right-clicking on the header of the viewer’s window will allow to define what is the default tab to start a session.

New! Session Transfer
Transfer a session to another technician or invite others to a current session.

New! Session Pause
Sessions can be paused on request for resume at a later time or can be paused automatically after a period of inactivity.

Updated! Extended System Information functionality
More categories have been added the System Information tab: Processes, Network, Services, Drivers, Boot and Interactive User.


Updated! Speed enhancements on older computers
The compatibility with legacy video adaptors on older systems was increased: we corrected a bug in the applet and also changed the Agent settings a little bit.


Updated! Overall speed enhancements on Remote Desktop and increased stability
Some of the core components were rewritten to increase stability and compatibility, and we introduced a bunch of optimizations that make the remote sessions faster.


New! Kiosk Mode
A new webpage, available from the Admin Area (Reports>Running Sessions and then hitting the “”Kiosk Mode” button) enables the Helpdesk Center Administrator to quickly access the panorama of his operations. The information was formatted to be displayed on a dedicated screen.

New! Added page: Queues per Department
The new page displays the number of pending requests for each Department. It will refresh automatically each 10 seconds, allowing helpdesk center administrators to find bottlenecks. It also shows the average time for a request to be answered and the maximum time before an answer. Clicking on each department will list its sessions (similarly to clicking on a tech on the “Pending Sessions” page) and will allow the forwarding of those to another queue.

Updated! Added sub-setting for showing/hiding request details
Up to now, request details could be hidden from certain techs only if they haven’t been opened. From the moment a request was open a first time, this setting was not applied. We changed this behavior, by adding a new setting that may uphold the restriction (or override it) even if the request was previously accepted by another tech.

Updated! Fixed a bug in the Management>Warnings page of AA
Up to now, it was possible to save a Warning without adding an URL. That created inconsistencies, because at the scheduled times, tried to redirect to an inexistent website, resulting in a blank page. This was fixed and it is now impossible to enable a warning without including an URL first.

Updated! More precise information on lost sessions
We have added some more internal information that will make the timings about the lost sessions more precise.


Download the last Version of the Console:



Download the Agent Updater:


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