NEW Version! BeAnywhere Support Express 5.95 BETA

NEW Version! BeAnywhere Support Express 5.95 BETA

Before everyone leaves for holiday in the northern hemisphere, we provide our users with a new version to be used on laptops or mobile devices in beaches and remote places anywhere.

The new 5.95 BETA is full of goodies that will make the experience of supporting angry clients during the vacations less painful: use the Wake-On-Lan to turn on devices miles away without having to interrupt your Margarita cocktail; your hands may have some beach sand, so use the new gestures in your Windows 8.1 tablet and the easy file transfer to carry on more complex tasks with ease; you take your iPhone everywhere? Great! We have a new iOS 7 Console for you. You can provide support from underwater, how cool is that? But DON’T FORGET THIS.

Windows Software
New! Wake-On-Lan – You can now wake up any computer with the last version of the BeAnywhere Agent, with only two clicks. This feature requires the both the new 5.95 Console and Agent to work. The new Agent has to be installed in the machines used to wake up and in the devices which need to be woken. Also, be sure your devices meet the general guidelines to use Wake-On-Lan. We will be updating the Support Express manual in the following days, but meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact our support!

New! Easy File Transfer – We have added two additional methods of transferring files from local to remote Windows computers: the technician can now drag a file from the local PC into the remote screen – the file will be copied to the desktop of the remote user; there is also a new icon on the upper-right corner of the viewer – if the technician drags the file into this icon, it will be copied to the Documents folder of the remote user.

New! Windows 8 Special Commands – The viewer now supports invoking Windows 8 commands from the menu (charms, search bar…).

New! Gesture support in the viewer – The Windows viewer now allows for two experimental gestures: long click for double click and pinch to zoom in applications supporting zoom (web browsers, Word, Excel…)

New! Always open in a specific tab and hide bars Right-clicking on the header bar of the viewer allows the technician to choose the initial tab to start every session (so that every new session starts in the Remote Desktop Tab, for instance). It is also possible to auto hide the header and footer bars on the Remote Desktop tab.

Updated! Speed Improvements – We have optimized our protocol a little further, getting a little bit more performance in UDP and indirect modes.

Updated! Decreased the size of the BASE logo – Following requests from our community of users, we have decreased the size of the BASE logo in the new Applets and Agents. Our brand is now less visible for yours to shine.

Updated! Security fixes – Added an option to de-elevate the Agent configuration program, which can be useful to avoid unauthorized changes in the service settings. The Administrator can now use the small padlock on the upper-right corner of the Agent configuration program to enter or exit administration mode. It is recommended to never leave administration mode enabled on the devices, as regular users can inadvertently hamper or disable further remote access to the computer.

Mac Agent and Applet
New! Calling Cards – Clients providing assistance to Mac computers can now enjoy all the advantages of our Calling Card functionality, using features like expiration dates and custom messages.

Updated! Agent Uninstaller – We now provide a simpler way to uninstall the Agent from a Mac computer when the registration process hasn’t been completed. A new button was added to the agent interface, allowing to perform this operation with a single click, even if the agent is not fully registered. Previously, this seamless uninstall was only possible after the agent was fully installed and registered.

Updated! Increased performance in Remote Control – Remote control of Mac computers is now up to 40% faster, especially in Applets, thanks to a new image capture routine. We will work on it during the next weeks in order to squeeze a little more performance, if possible.

Admin Area
Enhanced! More options for receiving requests – Techs can now be configured to receive requests in a more granular fashion. New options were added, allowing access to the General Queue to non-administrators.

New! iOS Console – Following multiple requests of our users, we now present the first version of the BeAnywhere Support Express Mobile Console for iOS 7! For now, it provides basic remote access functionality (allowing to generate PIN codes for access to Applets, and also access to Agents) but more features will be added on further releases. As usual, we welcome criticism and suggestions, so feel free to contact us! The console can be downloaded from the Apple Store using this link.

Bug Fixes
Windows – The Calling Cards expiration date was having some issues in Windows 8.1. We’ve corrected this.

Windows – Some very particular situations that could lead to crashes in the viewer were detected and the viewer was corrected.

Mac – Both Mac Applets and Agents were not notifying the user when the device was manually put to sleep (BeAnywhere disables the automatic sleeping of the devices while on session) and no image was captured. This was now fixed, and the viewer shows the correct message. Please note that you can wake up the remote mac from the System Shell if a BASE Agent is installed, using the following command pmset schedule wake “12/24/2009 00:00:00” (any schedule in the past will do, the machine will wake up immediately).

Mac – In some situations, the Mac Agent was taking too long to come back online after the waking up from sleep. This was fixed.

Android – Correction of small interface bugs.


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