NEW VERSION: BeAnywhere Support Express 5.35 BETA

NEW VERSION: BeAnywhere Support Express 5.35 BETA

This new version is one of the most exciting in some months! We have achieved a considerable increase in Remote Desktop performance and, at the same time, grabbed all the input of our community of users to deliver a lot of new features, and even our first mobile console, for Android! There is no excuse, DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION NOW and you will not regret it!

UPDATED! Up to 30% more speed in Remote Control – We have made some tweaks on the code based on connection statistics and, as a result, managed to squeeze a little bit of performance in normal situations, and also to make a big impact in scenarios where low bandwidth or unstable connections are more prevalent.

NEW! Automatic optimization of Remote Control settings – The Windows viewer presents a new menu to optimize the connection settings according to the available bandwidth between the technician and the client. The default setting is “Auto”, which tries to guess the best options according to the performance of the connection.

UPDATED! Improved session start time – Now, starting a session should be less than a second in ideal situations. There will always be some scenarios where this time can be three or four seconds, which is the time needed when a standard direct connectionis not possible and other connection options are being tested and measured.

UPDATED! Faster changing of TS sessions – The time needed to cycle through opened Terminal Services sessions was also reduced, from 5-10 seconds to just 1-2 seconds. This enhancement is also visible on the time to start capturing the remote image after the Windows logon screen, which was reduced as well.

UPDATED! Overhauled color modes – A new color mode was added (Medium Color – Low Bandwidth) and all the other modes were updated.

NEW! Refresh command – The viewer has now a “Refresh Image” menu option. This can be useful in situations where the remote image is not being correctly received.

NEW! More information when the image capture is interrupted – The user now receives a friendly warning about sessions inside RDP, instead of not knowing why he is not seeing the remote screen as he should.

Other programs:

NEW! BETA mobile console for Android (version 4.0 or later) – (Download it from here). Now you can provide support to your clients or access your unattended computers from tablets, smartphones or Android computers. Be sure to run the wizard while on session to learn about the neat tricks of the interface! While it is still in beta, it was successfully tested in several devices and achieved positive results, Download it now and see for yourself!

UPDATED! Applet for Mac® Computers – This version supports multiple languages, the disable of features by the remote user (if configured), the share of the technician screen and several others (lock remote input, laser pointer…) along with the System Shell, File Transfer and System Information tabs. A BASE Agent for Mac® is coming on the next weeks, so stay tuned!

Admin Area:

UPDATED! Expanded ticketing functionality – Tickets were overhauled and have now much more options: clients and techs may be now notified when a ticket is created, modified or closed and it is possible to schedule a next action date (at which the attributed technician will receive a reminder). To each ticket can be added notes, and sessions can be associated with it (making it easier to calculate the cost of a given ticket). There is also a new API to create tickets (click here to download the relevant documentation).

NEW! Expected Wait Time Information – While downloading the applet, a message will inform the client about how many other support requests are on the queue and what is the waiting time expected for a request to be accepted. This option is available for normal PIN codes as well as Exclusive Links and Department Links. You can enable it on “Management>Departments>1. Identification” for Departments only, and on “Profile>Identification>3. PIN/Calling Cards” for any other case.

NEW! Direct links – Two links were added to the Admin Area top bar: the terms “COMPUTERS” and “TECHNICIANS” are now clickable and serve as shortcuts to add new techs and to download a BASE Agent installer (without any custom settings – to create an installer with custom settings, please use the Windows Console). It is also possible to download the abovementioned installer in the “Management>My Computers>1. Computer List” page (under the name “Quick Install”).

NEW! Notify if a request is waiting for more than X minutes – Pending Applet requests waiting more than a configured amount of time may now trigger an e-mail notification to a predefined address (this option can be set up in “Profile>Integration>7. Notifications”).

NEW! Questions can be marked as optional on mandatory surveys – Until now, a mandatory survey meant all the questions included had to be answered. Now, for added flexibility, it’s possible to not validate certain questions inside a mandatory survey.

NEW! Exportable computer list – It is now possible to export a complete list of the installed BASE Agents, in XLS format, from “Management>My Computers>1. Computer List”. This list includes all the information present on the computer tree list, along with some extra details, and it might be useful when dealing with a substantial number of devices.

UPDATED! Usability tweaks and minor bug corrections – Added an auto-refresh option in the Chat Transcript pane, in the session details of the Admin Area; made changes to the interface shown to Free users, corrected an issue occurring with the search popup on smaller resolutions; corrected the time format used in some charts (were showing seconds instead of HH:MM:SS); solved a few minor formatting, translation and logic errors…

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