NEW VERSION – BeAnywhere Support Express 5.02 BETA!

NEW VERSION – BeAnywhere Support Express 5.02 BETA!

Less than a month after the launch of BASE 5.01, we are bringing you a BETA version with new features and tweaks.
This version adds on 5.01, so although is labeled as beta, it’s completely stable and can be used by everyone.

What’s new:


NEW! Low Bandwidth Color Mode A new JPEG mode was added, combining heavy image compression with a limited color space, making it ideal to extreme situations where the bandwidth is scarce but color needs to be used.

UPDATED! System Information with more data System Information now includes the Windows Updates policies applied to the machine, which makes it easier to identify potential sources of future problems.

UPDATED! Tweaks & correction of minor bugs Corrected a situation in which the keyboard shortcuts weren’t working well on FTP; solved a bug occurring with BASE Agents and computers configured to 150dpi; decreased the CPU utilization of the mouse cursor capture; solved an issue with elevation of privileges in the applet; added some experimental non-documented options, like remembering the last size of the console and viewer windows.


NEW – Pre-defined technician profiles Three types of profiles had been included on the tech creation and edition pages of the Admin Area. This is helpful when setting up new technicians if you want to quickly downgrade or upgrade a tech account. The three profiles (Junior Tech, Senior Tech, Administrator) were chosen with the most common options selected (you can check the differences between profiles on the Help link) but they are just meant as a baseline to make the configuration of new technicians more intuitive. In the future we may add a profile manager to add your own profiles or edit the current ones.

Please note:

This procedure is only necessary because it is a BETA version: In computers where you have already installed the BeAnywhere service (computers listed on “My Computers” tab), you’ll have to update the service manually. For any of these situations, please use the updated installers presented below:


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