NEW VERSION – 2013 BeAnywhere Support Express 5.01 STABLE

NEW VERSION – 2013 BeAnywhere Support Express 5.01 STABLE

This new version builds on the immensely successful release of BASE 5.0 and provides some minor tweaks, along with a couple of new features.
We will push this update to all our customers so that everyone will be able to enjoy this last version, taking advantage of the most current feature set and the best access experience. Please don’t forget to update!


– NEW! Custom Field in the Initial Form. It is now possible to, in the Admin Area (under “Profile>Applet Setup>3. Initial Form”), enforce a Custom Field by presenting a customizable error message. This field is visible at the “Request Details” pane of the Console.


– NEW! System Health and Windows Updates information during the session. Sessions to BASE Agents have now more information available: besides installed and pending Windows Updates, it is now possible to check on advanced hardware information (like operating temperatures and voltages, or more precise model numbers). On applets, only Windows Updates information is available.

– UPDATED! Client information in the session popup. The session notification popup now includes information about the session request.

– UPDATED! More information on the session title bar. The computer name will always be presented on the title bar, allowing for more intuitive navigation between sessions.

– UPDATED! Bug corrections on the File Transfer module.A rare issue in which the remote file system was not correctly shown during a session was detected and corrected.

BASE Agent:

– UPDATED! Updates to scripting and monitoring. Minor polishing and bug correction on the Monitoring and Scripting modules. The Agent is now faster and consumes less resources when alerts are configured on the remote machine.


– NEW! Export Computer List. On the Admin Area, under “Management>My Computers”, technicians have now the ability to export the Computer list, completed with all the relevant information (Group Name, Domain Name, Agent Version, etc.).

– UPDATED! Alerts based on Windows Events. More fields were added, making this feature much more powerful and granular.

– UPDATED! Bug corrections and minor enhancements. Small changes were made to the New Support Ticket and Survey pages, along with some corrections to the copy and translations in the Admin Area.

This update is mandatory for both Consoles and Agents. Depending on the versions installed, they will automatically update or they will notify the user about the new version. There was also detected an issue in some previous versions, in which a modified or damaged Windows component (msxml.dll) may keep the BASE Agents from receiving the update notification. For any of these situations, please use the updated installers presented below:



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