New BeAnywhere Support Express 6.70 BETA

New BeAnywhere Support Express 6.70 BETA

Now with automatic agent updates!

Admin Area

NEW! Time zone adjustment on events – Up until now we were using two sets of times on our Admin Area: local machine time to show events inside of sessions and UTC time for everything else. We will continue to use local machine times when it makes sense (and we marked those situations more clearly around the site) but the rest of the times (the majority) will be displayed in the time zone of choice. You can go to “Profile>Identification>1. Basic Information” and change the setting to the time zone of your preference.

Windows Modules

NEW! Automatic updates from the Admin Area – We’ve added a new service to the Windows BASE Agent which will allow robust automatic updates from the Admin Area with just a click of a button. This feature (which allows updates for the latest BETA or STABLE versions) will be available from the “My Computers” page, both in groups and in individual machines, for Windows devices with a version greater than 6.70.00. This means that you still need to update your agent manually one more time to get the latest version, but after that you will be able to use this new method.

UPDATED! User Experience enhancements – Refreshing the computer list on the Console will not reset the selection of devices anymore. From now on, closing the Viewer before a request is fully open will pop up a new warning and send a new notification to the infrastructure.

UPDATED! Linguistic issues and bug corrections – Made several small performance enhancements, optimized the flow of sessions going through gateways, corrected several translation and alignment problems…



Mac OS Console

NEW! Kicking techs and sending surveys is now supported – Like on its Windows counterpart, it is now possible to kick another tech from the Mac console when the number of simultaneous licenses is reached. Client Surveys are also activated.

UPDATED! Bug fixes and improvements – Some stuff was taken out the main application thread to enhance stability, corrected a bug with the creation of new folders on the FTP, the BASE OS notifications are now fully cleared when not needed, added the same splash screen as Windows when starting remote desktop, more information is now sent to the BASE infrastructure…



UPDATED! Corrected a problem with the “Enter” key on the iOS Console – This key was being sent incorrectly on some scenarios.


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