New BeAnywhere Support Express 6.50 BETA

New BeAnywhere Support Express 6.50 BETA

Now with multiple agents on the same machine!

Only two weeks have passed since our last release and here we are again offering you a bunch of new features that will enhance your productivity and enrich your remote support experience even further! Everything is free, of course and as always.

Our community asked (a lot) and so we give: the same machine can now have multiple BASE Agents installed, whether from the same or from different BeAnywhere accounts. We have also added the possibility to drag files or folders into Windows Applets and Agents making simple downloads much easier.

For the moment being these two features are Windows-only, but we will port them to Mac in the next couple of weeks. And speaking of Mac, Retina computer users should definitely try the new console as soon as possible, as it fixes some image ghosting problems.

We’re also launching a new Console for Windows phones, targeting users searching for an excuse to go outside and enjoy the summer.

As always, your feedback is gold, so please don’t forget to share your opinions and suggestions.


New Console, Agent and Applet:

NEW Multiple Agents on the same machine: The same Windows machine can now have multiple BASE Agents installed, whether from different client accounts or from the same client. This is especially useful when multiple support providers need to have unattended access to the same machine. Each agent will be isolated, which means that each provider will not only have his own brand in the remote machine, but also that no specific configuration (like authentication methods, etc.) will be shared. Also, BASE events written on the Windows Event Viewer will be differentiated for each installed instance. NOTE: Installing or updating agents on this scenario requires adding a new parameter to the installer program. For more information, please check out this quick guide.

NEW Drag&drop file transfer from remote to local Windows computers: While on a session, drag files or folders to the remote Applet or Agent configuration program and they will be automatically transferred to the technician’s computer.

UPDATED Wake-on-Lan interface enhancements: Added a “Connect” button at the WoL notification popup (allowing immediate connection from it); Added a new WoL icon to the Computer view at the console to improve the feature’s accessibility;

UPDATED Several bug fixes and tweaks: Corrected translation problems; Added the session ID number to the connecting message on the applet; Added an audit button to the dashboard tab on system info; Added an alternate CTRL-ALT-DEL mode on the Agent to cope with some specific situations; Made some changes to the applet’s elevation process.


To be able to enjoy the new features on Agents, you will need to update them to the latest version.


New Console:

UPDATED New image drawing routine: The local image draw was rebuilt from scratch and is now faster, consumes less CPU and avoids ghosting artifacts that some users were experiencing in Retina displays.

UPDATED General bug corrections: Solved an issue occurring when the technician cancelled the insertion of OS credentials or BA Password on establishing a session; Fixed a problem with the detection of compatible devices for Wake-on-Lan; Solved minor translation issues.



New Console for Windows Mobile:

  • The System Info module, already implemented in other platforms, has been natively integrated on Windows Mobile. Users will be able to navigate through all the categories available for Windows (Dashboard, Processes – view only, Network, Applications, Services – view only, Drivers, Startup, Interactive User, System Health, Events and Windows Updates).
  • Corrected instabilities and password validation problems in the second level authentication process (BeAnywhere Password or Windows Login);
  • Fixed a situation in which canceling a reconnect could cause the application to crash;
  • Solved an issue related with the technicians’ kickout;
  • Enhanced stability on starting connections to Mac computers;
  • Fixed minor issues: added a couple of button labels, increased the number of session events reported by the console, maximum character number in the username field increased to 50, added and perfected translations.

If your app does not update automatically, please uninstall the current version and install the newer one from the following location:


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