New BeAnywhere Support Express 5.97 BETA

New BeAnywhere Support Express 5.97 BETA

Two months after the last version, BeAnywhere brings you a new BETA of Support Express, with a ton of enhancements and completely new features, from Windows to Mac. This version will replace the former 5.95 BETA completely and should be considered the production release from now on.
Windows Console/Viewer:
NEW! Session Pause on idle timeout – In order to assure the compliance with the PCI DSS standards for remote access solutions, we have added the possibility to define a maximum idle time for connected sessions, after which the session will be automatically paused. You can enable and configure this feature in the Admin Area, under “Profile>Identification>5. Security”. To ensure the maximum security, this feature should be used along with the other security settings available both in BASE (like the authentication options available for the Agents) and in the Windows OS (e.g.: lock your workstation while out of your desk).

NEW! Setup default color mode for new sessions and remember last saved color mode for specific Agents – In the Options menu of the console it is now possible to define the default color mode for new sessions (“Auto” will try to guess the best setting for the connections). You can also chose to remember the color settings you manually adjust on each different Agent you connect to (the Applets will always use the mode specified as the default).

NEW! BA Live Chat support directly from the Console – Are you experiencing issues connecting to a machine? Do you have questions on using BASE? Do you want to make a suggestion? Now you can talk with a BA support representative directly from the product, by clicking on the respective icon at the Console’s header. We want to hear from you and we don’t bite, so please try our friendly and helpful support staff.

NEW! Do not show new Agent version notifications – It is now possible to disable update notifications at the Agent. This setting can be configured locally for existing BASE Agents. For new installs, it can be made default by using the Agent Setup category at the Admin Area.

NEW! Last Seen and Last Access times in the Console are displayed in local time – These two times and dates will always be shown in the local time of the computer running the Console. The timezone will also be displayed.

NEW! Console can now be silently installed – Now you can centrally deploy the console for multiple machines using a simple and quick method. Just use the “/S” switch along with the new installer.

Updated! Small improvements and bug fixes – Increased the accuracy of the automatic image quality feature, changed the way the console displays in higher DPI settings, optimized the computer and request listings at the console, corrected a bug with some keys that could get stuck during a session, optimized the remote sessions overall…

Note – This version has the automatic showing of the remote cursor disabled by default on install. You can re-enable it anytime during a session and the viewer will remember the option.

Windows Agent:
NEW! Detection and fixing of compatibility issues with graphic drivers during the install– There is a very specific set of display adapters that have compatibility issues with remote solutions like BASE, leading to a subpar performance of the remote control. To achieve the best speed, it is necessary to disable the video hardware acceleration in Windows. If the new Agent detects one of the affected adapters during the install, it gives the Administrator the option to automatically fix the issue. If the Agent is installed silently, then the video hardware acceleration will be automatically disabled.

Updated! Mandatory Surveys at the end of sessions to Agents – Following the feedback of our community of users, the updated Agent will now show mandatory client surveys at the end of a session.

Updated! Better notification of incoming chat message – The Agent will now popup the chat window and play a notification sound on the clients’ computers every time a new chat is started or there is a new message on an ongoing chat. Users can temporary disable this behavior by clicking on the respective icon at the Agent, but that setting is not permanent and will be reset on the next restart.

Administration Area:
NEW! BA Live Chat support directly from the Admin Area – You probably have noticed this on the last two weeks, but you can also start chatting with our support from here!

NEW! Disable auto-login to the AA from the Console – Also to enforce the compliance of BASE with the PCI DSS standards, it is now possible to disable the AA auto-login from the console. This configuration is made by technician, in Management>Technicians>Permissions>Console Features.

Updated! Small improvements and bug fixes – Correction of several small bugs on various pages (search forms, list exports, application of settings…),

Solutions for Mac Computers:
NEW! BETA Native Console for Mac OS – Our Mac clients do not need to rely only in the Java Console. Our new native console is still on its early days, providing basic support for Remote Control, Chat, System Shell and System Info. We are working on adding File Transfer to the sessions as well as refine the features already present, and the goal is to match most of the features of the Windows Console during the next months. Download it here and stay tuned!!

NEW! End-User Area compatible with Mac OS – The end-user area will now provide a native extension for Mac computers, allowing end-users with this platform to be able to start new BASE sessions.

Updated! Agent and Applet for Mac – There are new versions online with several bug fixes. The Agent now supports automatic updates for convenience and has a proprietary installer to make clean installs and updates more simple.

Java / Mobile Consoles:
Updated! New iOS and Android versions launched – Over the last weeks we have been updating the two mobile consoles available with bug fixes and enhancements. Depending on the settings of your device, you probably have the latest versions installed already (if not, please visit the app store of your device). We will continue to launch new updates in a regular basis.

Updated! Web based Java Console – We have corrected some small bugs and enhanced the stability overall.

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