New BASE Feature: The Panic Button

New BASE Feature: The Panic Button

BeAnywhere has recently launched a new version of Support Express: BeAnywhere Support Express 3.5. One of the numerous new enhancements available on the new version is the brand-new Panic Button, a groundbreaking remote support exclusive feature, straight from the BeAnywhere Labs.

The Panic Button main purpose is as a clear as it is useful: to prepare BeAnywhere remote support solution for the unexpected. This feature has been deliberately conceived to assist users in special circumstances, emergency situations that request full-throttle from your remote support solution. For instance, imagine a virus outbreak or a complete meltdown of the communication hardware. When facing an all hands on deck situation like those, a feature that will grant you the possibility to login an unlimited amount of simultaneous technicians it is the exact approach: and that is what the Panic Button provides. But not only that.

With the Panic Button feature, BeAnywhere provides users, Business Edition Users, the opportunity to unlock all of the Corporate remote support features, providing the necessary access to all of the BASE premium services. So, full man power and access to all BeAnywhere assistance tools, at a click of a button, for ten straight hours (ten hours straight per hit). That is what BeAnywheres Panic Button means.

When the ten hour period comes to an end, users will no longer benefit from the preceding features and the normal license standards will be replaced as originally were. Nevertheless, in case of necessity, users can obviously get more hits from the Panic Button: one can always request more Panic Button hits to BeAnywhere, thus having a remote support solution always prepared for any given situation.

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