Hello everyone! We are launching another exciting update to everybody’s best remote support platform. This is already the second public version of BeAnywhere Support Express since the beginning of the year, which shows our commitment with our always active user community. More news are coming in the next weeks, not only about Support Express, so stay tuned!



NEW! Two Factor Authentication. Following the new security policies we have been implementing since the beginning of the year to enforce good security practices in the use of our platform, now you can also protect the login of your tech accounts with a new layer of authentication using a mobile token (Android, Apple® iOS and Windows® Phone OS supported). This feature can be activated in the Admin Area (“Management>Technicians”).

NEW! Applet shows the position in queue. Besides the possibility of showing the expected waiting time when downloading the applet, this new version allows the presentation of the position in queue to the client. This feature can be enabled on the Admin Area, in the fourth tab of the “Profile>Applet Setup” page.

NEW! Console translated to German. We will be localizing all the solution to the language of Beethoven in the following weeks, in order to please our current and future German-speaking users. Competitors, tremble with fear!! (yes, this is for you…)

NEW! Remember the size of the viewer window and open viewer in a specific tab. These two options can now be added to the startup file of a Windows viewer executable (BASEClient.ini).

UPDATED! Optimizations in Low Color and High Color modes. These modes will have a little, but noticeable increase in the speed, its consumption is slightly lower.

UPDATED! Correction of minor bugs and small translation problems. Some keyboard shortcuts like Alt Tab or Win X were not working correctly due to changes on Windows 8; in rare circumstances, the “My Computers” tab could take a while to be presented after the tech has logged in; a couple of error messages needed clarification… All of this has been fixed.


UPDATED! More granularity in the session reports. It is now simpler to assess the time each technician has been active on a shared or transferred session. A new metric is exported in the Session and Tech Performance reports.


UPDATED! Increased the resilience of the reconnect process. Increased the number of situations in which the applet will try to reconnect a session after being disconnected due to network errors. The new methodology implemented is now much more responsive to this type of situations.

NEW MODULE – Access to End-Users
A new type of licensing is now available for purchase with your license of BeAnywhere Support Express. You can now provide special, limited accounts for your clients to be able to access their computers using the best KVM protocol in the market! These accounts can only access up to 10 computers you define, through a special End-User Area, and are limited to Remote Desktop and File transfer features. If you want to know more, please contact us.


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