Less than two months after our last release, here is a new version of Support Express with new features and corrections to provide you the best professional remote support experience for Windows and Mac computers. The new BASE 5.50 RC brings a new Agent for Mac, enhancements to the workflow, more speed, more management options – all of this being COMPLETELY FREE to our current customers.

Although classified as a release candidate, this is the recommended version for production scenarios, at least until December, when we plan to release new STABLE binaries. For more details on each feature, please check the product manual, which was also updated.

Infrastructure/Admin Area:

NEW! Mark request as urgent – Sessions can now be marked as urgent, whether in the Admin Area, in the Console (when the request is still on queue) or in the Viewer. This feature only works with consoles 5.50 RC or better, and needs to be enabled in the permissions of each tech to work in the Viewer and Console (it always works from the Admin Area if the tech has permissions to use it).

NEW! Hidden request details – It is now possible to restraint certain techs from knowing the details of a request before opening it. This feature only works with consoles 5.50 RC or better, and needs to be enabled in the permissions of each tech. Also, it is waived on certain situations – e.g. requests marked as urgent – so take that in consideration or a paradox may arise: if a tech cannot see the details of a request but can mark requests as urgent, he will be able to see the details of any request he may mark as urgent, thus overcoming its limitation.

NEW! Limit request queue in the Console – Depending on the permissions set up in the Admin Area, techs may be limited to view only the first pending request in their consoles. This permission can be used simultaneously with any other, including the hiding of the request details, and it is also waived on certain circumstances (check manual for details).

NEW! inSight Lite information available to all PCs – Although the free version of BASE inSight Lite only includes five (Business) or ten (Corporate) licenses, every computer with a recent version of the BeAnywhere Agent will be able to manually collect advanced system information, which will then be available on the Admin Area. On new installs, this information is collected automatically.

UPDATED! Correction of several bugs and small improvements in the Admin Area – Correction of linguistic problems on localized pages and usability annoyances through all site, as well as improvements to the Calling Card management interface in order to make it more intuitive.

UPDATED! Changes to the inSight Lite audit process – The frequency of the collection of some non-priority data was causing problems on older machines. We decreased this frequency on older systems to avoid putting too much stress on those machines, while guaranteeing the same functionality.


UPDATED! Increase of performance when starting sessions – The Viewer was optimized in order to reduce even further the session starting time.

UPDATED! Two-way transfer of files with 0 bytes – Up to now, it was only possible to download files with 0 bytes, not upload them. This limitation has been removed.

UPDATED! Correction of a bug in UDP file transfers – In some rare occasions, when transferring big files (more than 4GB on average) during an UDP session, the operation could end with an error and resuming those transfers would mostly result in a corrupt file. The problem is fixed.

UPDATED! Correction of a bug in file transfers – sometimes when transferring big files inside a folder, in spite of the process being completed correctly, the size of the file was incorrectly shown in the transfer queue. This issue is now fixed.

UPDATED! Solved bug in the chat – Three characters (“<“, “>” and “&”) were being shown incorrectly on the chat window of the Viewer, and also on the Applet and Agent windows. The problem is fixed.

UPDATED! Changes in the Agent – Correction of small bugs and the inclusion of a provision that delays the ending of a session to the maximum extent possible when a restart or a shutdown of the operating system has been initiated.

For Mac:

NEW! Agent for Mac computers – Compatible with most of the features of its Windows counterpart, the new Agent for Mac allows for seamless and fast remote control of computers with Mac OS X 10.7 or better, supporting multiple users, screen share, restart and reconnect, multi-tenant authentication end the ease of use traditional on BeAnywhere’s solutions. To install it, just create a regular BASE Agent PIN Code in the Windows console, and download the program from this URL , or from¬† , on the “Mac Version” tab, clicking on “Install Agent”.

UPDATED! Enhancements in the Applet for Mac – Some bugs were corrected and the code was further improved with the performance of the remote control in mind. The applet now supports most of the features of the Windows version, except VoIP, which will be implemented in the future.

For Android: (Download Here)

UPDATED! Bug corrections in the Android Console – Error reporting was added, along with enhanced compatibility for the last version of Android.


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