Monitoring and Controlling Windows Services

Monitoring and Controlling Windows Services

One of BeAnywhere inSight’s – Remote Management and Monitoring software – premises is to make it easier for you when managing your IT park machines. InSight offers you shortcuts in the shape of features that allow you to execute all the necessary tasks in a fast and effective way.
Do you want to quickly apply a monitoring policy? Or control a Windows service behavior? Piece of cake… Take a look at how to proceed:

1. In “Devices” click on the remote device to where you wish to deploy a policy:


2. Then, go to the “System” tab and click on Services:


3. In order to create a quick and effective monitoring policy just click on the eye icon:


4. Insight will open the policy settings menu automatically:


5. If you don’t want to create a policy just for this purpose, you can control the service directly from inSight:


In this area you’re given all the information about the policy’s performance and the opportunity to interact with it: the type (in this specific case “Firewall”), stop and restart the service or set how it will operate. Just as if you were working directly with the device.

Fast, simple and to the point!
Carlos Ataíde,
Customer Success Specialist

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